Hello there!

I thought I should introduce myself! I am Dalia, I'm Portuguese and I moved to England in 2014. I've always been a very crafty, for lack of a better word, person and during all my life I've been addicted to cross stitch. I used to spend hours and made countless pillows and frames. When I got pregnant with my youngest, I ventured in a new hobby, crochet. I've taught myself, watching videos, and soon I was making some beautiful items, like dresses, bonnets, baby booties, the works!

We've moved here, following my husband, when the little one was 9 months old. I immediately got a job at Tesco's and we slowly started building our life again. We worked, kids were in school and nursery and I still had my little crochet hobby. I had a Facebook page and sold a few items but I never had much success.

I fell ill in 2015 and for several months I couldn't work. I hit a rough patch. I lost my job, obviously, as I couldn't do it anymore and was very depressed for a while. I still had my crochet to ease my mind but I wanted to make something that I loved and still could provide for my family. I decided that I would start making clothes for children! I just didn't know how to sew! So, I got a voucher from Tesco's and £20 and bought the cheapest sewing machine they had! I couldn't afford much more to be honest! I had just moved to a new country with just our clothes, just started to furnish the house we were living in, mostly with secondhand items and had lost my job! I really, really needed to make money somehow! And as I like to say, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions", and this is so true!

I taught myself how to sew! I would watch videos on how to hem, to make buttonholes, how to cut the fabric. And my first makes were very basic and some from recycled shirts that used to belong to my husband.

I started buying patterns and most makes began in the size that my little one was wearing at the time. And I still do this with new patterns because I like to see if they are true to size, how long does it take to sew, how hard is it to follow the creator's directions and can I change anything that will help me save time while constructing the item, that will then save you money when you buy the finished product!

And just like that, Crafty Mama is 4 years old! It's been a great adventure, an awesome experience, sometimes with a few bumps and rocks along the way, but overall a very positive part of my life!

I hope that this post will shed a bit more light on who I am and that you will keep following me to get to know me even better! and I hope that I get to meet some, if not all, of you!

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